Thursday, June 21, 2007

What is Beautiful Day?

Each day someone asks me about Beautiful Day... what is it?

Here's what I found myself saying...

Beautiful Day is about a lifestyle... when an individual begins to think about the needs of others rather than themselves.

Beautiful Day is about an attitude... that reacts to the poor, the under-resourced, and the marginalized.
Beautiful Day is about unity... when churches come together regardless of their shape, size, or belief system to bring about change on an unparalleled level.

Beautiful Day is about synergy... churches, businesses, organizations, media, government, entertainment, healthcare, education... all on the same page, coming together for the same cause.

Beautiful Day is about innovation... adapting to its surroundings and adjusting to any circumstance to achieve its purpose.

Beautiful Day is about compassion... bringing the same love that Jesus would bring to the broken and the lost.

Beautiful Day is about justice... standing alongside the neglected, the falsely accused, and the abused.

Beautiful Day is about mercy... to care for the suffering, the dieing, and the forgotten.

Beautiful Day is about transformation... working together in such a way that you actually believe that you can change any region, town, or city.

For more information about Beautiful Day and how you can get involved go to: