Friday, September 26, 2008

EQuakes at sharks

Shea, James, Mikel, Davide, and Jay.

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1-0 sharks score in the first 3 minutes of play against the ducks

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I'm heading to the Sharks game with my family and the boys from the Earthquakes. Soccer players watching hockey players. hhmmmm...

Before I head out to the game… I’m going to giveyou all an eyeful.  Yes, an eyeful.


This is some of my daughters photography… she isworking her portfolio and stands to make good money for her art work.  Shewill have a website soon.  In the mean time you can check some of it here.


So tonight is the Sharks game, tomorrow is the Earthquakesgame… and if I can somehow get to Sundays Raider game it would be the BayArea Sporting Trifecta. 


Sharks is preseason, I do not care if they win


Earthquakes are in the playoff hunt… they must win


Raiders look better every week… they ought to win





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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This the view I have from the backseat as my 15yr old drives my 3/4 ton truck

I'm in the backseat searching for the emergency exists, my wife is in the front passengers seat bracing for the air-bag deployment. To all parents of "permit" drivers... I'll see you in our weekly therapy sessions.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want everyone in my networks to meet my new godson. His name is Tyler Joshua Remple

Monday night our great friends Josh and Anne Remple asked Cheri and I to serve as godparents to their son Tyler. Our role is to bless, serve, and encourage Josh and Anne, as well as participate, like family, in seeing young Tyler grow in his faith and love for Jesus as well as his passions in life. Cheri and I are honored and up for the task.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

saw something funny on the bottom of a Chipotle bag... Wanna see?

I'm all about recycling and conservation... But when you add in humor with a coservation, now you've won my heart . Check out the conservation uses for a Chipotle bag...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is seriously one of the most awkward bathrooms I've used in a long while. What is with European women?

I used this bathroom in Paris.  When I first went in, Iwas like… “hold on…” and ran out to get mycamera. 

There were two things weird about that: 1. that I said “holdon” to the women in the picture as if there were really there,

And 2. I ran out of the bathroom… got my camera…and ran back in.  Surely I could have been arrested for something like

“illegal-running-in-and-out-of-bathrooms-with-a-camera”ordinance.  I’m fairly certain that this is a code violationsomewhere.


But I ran the risk so you could enjoy this greatpicture.  Talk about going under pressure!


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Monday, September 15, 2008

HUGE Comedy show in Campbell that you do not want to miss. This theater will sell out.

This is a huge venue in Campbell that seats 800. This will be a funnight of laughter and comedy.

December 6th

Featuring Jon Talbert

Starring Mark Lundholm

Door open at 7:30pm

Show starts at 8pm

Tickets are available at the Heritage Theatre Box Office

(408) 866-2700

I hope you can make it!!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I feel like a big goober. That one did not work either. Lets try this one.

Not sure what my problem is today. I was really digging my “Igot AIDS” post… but nothing was showing up telling you all howsupport me with thousands upon thousands of phat green moola. So I shall type theweb address and ask you to go there… hit “register to walk”then on the left column hit “sponsor a participant”, then type inmy name Jon Talbert.

Then you are good to go………………

Here’s the link (again)

thanks my network peeps!!

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I've got AIDS... (A)n (I)nsane (D)esire to (S)erve

I’m looking to all my network friends for financialsupport as I participate in the Walk for AIDS Silicon Valley.  TeamBeautiful Day will be the largest team with 5 churches canceling services on SundayOct 19th and practically living out our faith and convictions in thestreets of Santa Clara County.


However, Team Beautiful Day is currently 3rd infundraising.


Will you help me raise funds for research and relief forthose who are suffering with HIV/AIDS.

I’m looking for 10 people who will support me for $25.

To support me is easy… just click my name (link) Jon Talbert
and it will takeyou to the site where you can make a donation.  

If you are one of my friends on facebook, myspace, linkedin,plaxo, next cat, twitter, posterous, or just a casual reader of my personalblog… this is your chance to be part of something insanely great...stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, and caring for the least of these.



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The picture of a rare beauty

This is my lovely wife Cheri.  She is with one of “herbabies” (she calls them).  The blond haired boy is Ryder Ingram…son of Ryan and Jenny Ingram.  With my wife’s Mexican heritage youwould think that there is no way that we would ever have a blond kid. However, some how back in 1990 we managed to have one special ordered from God. 


One of the things that I love about Cheri is that she is anatural nurturer.  She loves the Ingram babies like her own.  However,she loves so many kids as she is the mentor mom for WestGate Church(our home church where I work).  My kids benefitted from her nurturing ways…not only as recipients but also as learners, for they will one day have kids oftheir own (which I’ve commanded them to do… in due season), andthey will draw on the wealth of knowledge they received from the lovely andgracious Cheri.  Also, I look forward to the day when my kids and theirspouses bring our g-babies over to the house.  My wife will be in anotherworld… (as will I) and she will again get to do what God has designed herto do… winsome and joyful nurturing.  Our children, ourgrandchildren, and their children (who I’m convinced we will see much of theirlives) will glow because of the legacy that Cheri has initiated.



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Friday, September 12, 2008

me and my oldest daughter in NYC. We fit right in. Jon and his daughter look like NY street gypsies


Jaclyn and I went to NYC a few months back.  I would live there ifthe Mrs said yes.  However, my smoking hot lady loves the beach and thesun.  The beaches and the sun in NY are NOT like the beaches and sun in Huntington Beach.  Butwe had fun!!

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The demons that possessed my Cat have now moved over to my Dog. I need a Pet Exorcism.

My dog and cat really cannot stand each other, but the truthis they share that one special bond in common. They both are possessed bythe Devil. I think that they get it from the groomer

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here's a Pic of my son, his bike, and the very valuable helmet. This was a wheely gone wrong

Sam and his wheelies. This is what you get forattempting some sort of “cool” wheelie in front of someone with aCamera.

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I had this strange feeling that our Cat was possessed by a demon. This picture confirms it for me.

Warning: DO NOT look directly into the kitties eyes.  She isdemonic and possessed, and you run the risk of scorching your retina. 



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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favorite image of a Guardian Angel

I love this depiction of a Guardian Angel. It’s not a fluffymarshmallow angel, but a what I would imagine an angel to look like

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love Stand Up Comedy

When I finish my doctorate, I plan to go back into the clubs and do more Stand Up. WestGate has some talented Comics who need to get in the clubs and shake it up a bit. Instead of merely doing church venues... I want to see the comics that I work with making people laugh in our best venues in and around the Bay Area. To infuse the comedy world with clean, professional, side-splitting comics ... who just happen to be followers of Jesus.

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Jon and Cheri have some good looking kids!!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Beautiful Day featured in Abundant Living magazine.

Beautiful Day gets a write up and is the cover story of Abundant Living magazine.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Team Beautiful Day and the AIDS walk

The Silicon Valley Walk for AIDS is coming up Sunday October 19th. This will be our 2nd walk (not counting SF AIDS walk), and last year Team Beautiful Day had THE largest walking team. but ironically we did not have the largest fundraising effort. We fell just behind Starbucks. I love Starbucks... so I'm ok with losing to them. But it would have been worse to loose to something that fells wimpy to me like "Team Charmin", or "Team Dress Barn". That would drive me nuts I think.

However, We are mounting up to have the largest team (Team Beautiful Day) this year. WestGate Church will cancel services on the 19th and ask everyone to walk... we will be the church in the streets. Calvary Los Gatos is canceling Sunday services and asking everyone to walk... so is Twin Oaks, and the River. All churches will be part of Team Beautiful Day and will walk as a representation of "The" church of Silicon Valley.

Not only do I feel that its important to have representation of the church in the walk... I feel passionate about a reconnect somehow with the Gay community and church. Rather than focusing on the things that we disagree on and fight over... I choose to focus on what we DO agree on.

That would be...

- A healthy relationship between the church and the Gay community

- A communication channel that allows for respectful conversation

- Caring for those suffering from HIV/AIDS,

- Serving together on Compassion projects that demonstrate God's Common Grace

- Invitations to each others events, celebrations, and service venues

If you would like to be part of the Revolution to stop the spread of AIDS you have two options.

-Walk with me under the banner of Team Beautiful Day

-Support me financially as I walk with Team Beautiful Day

Either way you are making a huge difference in the lives of many in our community.