Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warning Labels that Crack me up

Warning labels crack me up! These ones I find particularly funny:

Paper Shredder warning....

Do not shred hands, keys, ties, or children! I would never have thought to shred those things... but you can count on me thinking it now! Everytime I shred paper I think... "how do you get children through that tiny opening?"

"Hey kid... come here... I want to try something!"

iPod Shuffle label...

Can you read the fine print (underlined in red)?

Item number 2 reads...

2. Do not eat iPod Shuffle.

What the heck? Who is eating these things?

Here's my all time favorite warning label.

A perscription medication written by a Vet, for a dog...

The warning label reads:
1. May cause drowsiness. (ok, that makes sense)
2. Alcohol may intensify this effect. ("hey you guys... take the dogs tequilla bowl away, she's on medication!")
3. Use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery. ("Ok dog... no more burying bones with a rototiller... you are on medication!!")

Monday, June 23, 2008

AIDS, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Inconsistency of the Church

Saturday night Cheri and I went to the AIDS Coalition "Unmask the Mysteries" Gala fundraiser. It was a "whos who" event in down town San Jose. The premise was to raise funds through corporate sponsors and through a silent auction of items donated from people all over the Bay Area. It was nice to mingle with people who care so much about fighting AIDS. There were 5 of us represented from WestGate (Beautiful Day's Living Well group). In fact, we were the only church represented at this event. I actually felt proud to be connected to WestGate and represent our church's ongoing support of those who are suffering from HIV and AIDS, but I was saddend by the lack of support from the evangelical community at large.

It baffles me that churches would work to respond to the AIDS pandemic globally, but make very little effort locally. What I find most ironic is churches rallying together to fight the gay community over legalized same-sex marriage, while making little to no response to those suffering from HIV and AIDS. Why is that? The whole fight feels inconsistant to me. We will rally together and unify churches to fight for something that protects a value that we hold, but we fail to come together to fight for those who are suffering.

I'm not saying that I don't share some of the same convictions with some of these churches about same-sex marriage. What I am saying is that I really dont like the way this thing is going down. The conservative evangelical community is going to do what it seems to do best... that is, rally together to stand "against" something, rather than rally together to stand "along side" someone.

The evangelical community has done so much damage in the past as it relates to the Gay Community and those suffering from HIV and AIDS, that our credibility to say anything worth listening to is almost entirely lost. The only credible voice comes in the form of a servant... who is willing to pick up a towel and wash feet.

The further we get to the Same Sex marriage initiatives in November, the more I will call people to humbly serve, to bless, to give, to care. If we rally around anything it will be around Jesus who came in the form of a servant, and healer. Jesus healed wounds and cared for those who were suffering... we should do the same.

For more information about AIDS Coalition Silicon Valley go to:
-Make a one time donation
-register under "Team Beautiful Day" for the Oct 19th AIDS walk
-Donate your Vehicle

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Modern Day Hero's

Every once in a while you meet a modern day hero. Tom Randall is one of the most recent that I've had the previledge to interact with. Tom is this larger than life character who serves in the most unusal ways to introduce people to Jesus and to care for the forgotten peoples of this world. Tom serves as a communicator and chaplain for the PGA Seniors tour. His connections with pro golfers is one of the many networks that he leverages for making impact to orphans and lost people around the world.

On June 16th Tom will be riding his bike 2500 miles from the Pacific Coast over three mountain ranges and through Oregon, Idoho, Wyoming, South Dakoda,a d Minnesota in 27 days.

The funds pledged so far is over $317,000 towards building orphanages and sponsering kinds in the Philippines.

What I love most about this is the relentless passion for what intuitively seems right and God directed. Tom looks at the obvious obsticles as a chance for God to show himself... and for Tom to have yet another story to tell.

God continues to show me... that when He puts something in your heart to do, and it sounds and seems unconventional, unimaginable, and maybe even ridiculous... that obedience opens doors for God to show up in ways no one every would have imagined.

Most people who hear Tom tell me "I love his stories. I wish God used me that way." All I can think of is "it ain't Tom... its the power of Him whom Tom abandons himself to in faith."

God I pray that those who read this post would be more empowered with your spirit as they completely abondon themselves in faith to do strangly unusual for your kingdom.

Check Tom's progress and journey at

I've included Tom in my list of "Sites that are changing the world"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mount Constitution and Laughing Jesus

I just got back from Orcas Island on the last advance for my doctoral program. It was great to be there and i had the opportunity to fly in to Orcas Island airport from Gig Harbor in WA. I was told that the most traffic that comes through Orcas airport are deer that seem to frequent the runway... requiring pilots to do a "fly-by" to ward off any strays. I spent the week at Len's Sweets house... which is another story unto itself.

While i was there I had the opportunity to visit one of the most scenic sights in the US at the top of Mt Consitution. Mt Constitution is a 2,409 ft high mountain on Orcas Island, and the tallest spot on all the San Juan Islands. There is a tower on top of Mt Constitution and a look out from the top. I was there observing the beauty and offered to take a picture of a couple who were there at the same time. They also took one of me and emailed it to me. Since that time we've been emailing back and forth (Kevin and Shari Vogt) from Huntington Beach. Shari is an artist who does stylized custom portraits that are unbelievable! You can check out her work at and look throught the gallery. Turns out I've already sent her some pics and we are negotiating some work for our family. I encourage you to check it out and do the same.

Here's a sample of her work.

I love how this turned out... I go to school in WA... happen to go to Mt Constitution on that day... just happen to meet a couple from my wifes home town in So Cal... i offer to take their picture... they offer to take mine... we banter emails and pictures back and forth... she's an artist who happens to do art the way i love. OK so maybe its not all that mysterious.

But I think its a cool link that would make Laughing Jesus at least break out in a smile.