Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Serve the City and Beautiful Day Combo

The first week of November I had the opportunity to meet with the leads of the European equivelent of Beautiful Day called Serve the City. This is a group of churches that are bringing service, compassion, and justice into the margins of Brussels and different cities world-wide.

One of the key leads is Carlton Deal... a visionary who sees the idea of compassion extending through out the city by those willing to extend themselves and the kingdom.

Carlton and I met on line... and shared a common vision, then we both co-spoke at a conference break out in some small Belgian city named Carlsbourg. While we spoke and bounced back and forth in our session, it became clear to us and to the students who were there that this was some sort of divine appointment and we were to collaborate somehow.
Here are a few things we're considering...
-Sending people from the Bay Area to partner in Serve the City Brussels June/July 08.
-Speaking at the Compassion Unleashed Conference May 08
-Developing a US and a Euro conference on Compassion and Justice issues called "Unleashed" where we join forces and invite similar organizations to partner with Serve the City and Beautiful Day to bring Christ to the margins of any community on the planet.
For more information on Beautiful Day go to http://www.ourbeautifulday.org/
For more information on Serve the City go to http://www.servethecity.be/