Sunday, November 30, 2008

One of my EarthQuake players that I work with was traded in the expansion draft to the Seattle Sounders FC

James Riley, one of the Earthquake players that I was discipling this past season, has been picked up in the 2008 expansion draft.  I’m super bummed and will miss James’ contribution to the group.  But we will work together to establish a chaplaincy with that team this next season.  The EarthQuakes have a huge hole in their roster with the departure of Riley, and will feel his absence next season.  I look forward to our home games against Seattle… it should be interesting.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Young Sam Talbert's reaction after he finds a big ole bag a money!!!

Not really. He wishes he found that kind of dough. Save your nickels son.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beautiful Day partners with The Living Center to host an amazing Day Spa for women living with HIV and AIDS.

In collaboration with the NeilA. ChristieLiving Center,a resource center for those in Santa Clara Countyliving with AIDS or HIV, Beautiful Day hosted a spa day with a lunch for thewomen clients of the Center. Most of these women never receive this kindof service and we were thrilled to be able to bless them in this way.

Here’s an eye-witness summary of the events of that day fromMitzi Macon (director of the Living Well Council, which is Beautiful Day’sextension of compassion to people living with HIV/AIDS)…

I'm home after spending the day atThe Living Center...It was ladies with HIV/AIDS SpaDay for Beautiful Day!

I'm still a bit emotional, butwanted to share with you what a great day it was today. The WestGate 'youngladies', worked tirelessly on hair, nails/toes, massage and make up for 25-30clients. Many came from outside San Jose just for this event. Marianne (the director ofthe Living Center)'got the word out', to many contacts, which in turn brought women to The Living Centerfor the first time. Marianne has never seen such participation...I trulybelieve it started with the amazing invitation created by Charlie (BeautifulDay’s Art Director)...

It was an incredible blessing to seethe women come in the door, a little unsure of what was to come. A fabulouslunch was offered (funded by The Living Well Council) and then each womanpicked the treatment they wanted to experience.

The WG women just worked and worked,as each client was thrilled to have their hair/makeup/nails/toes and bodiesattended to with such love.

I wanted you to know, that thesewomen will never forget their experience today, and think that WG women rock!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Beautiful Day visits the Pediatric Cancer Ward at Stanford. Here's an eyewitness account of all the fun.

by Jon Talbert

Over 9000 children under the age of 15 will be diagnosedwith cancer this year in the United States. In light of that statistic BeautifulDay formed a partnership with Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital to arrangeda fun day for kids in the pediatric cancer ward. On Nov 18th BeautifulDay team members set up a “faire” at the hospital where familiescame and joined their kids to participate in games, entertainment, and tons oflove.

Due to privacy laws we could not include pictures of thekids… so we’ve only add a picture of some of the team

Here’s an eye-witness detail of how the event unfolded:

The Beautiful Day project forStanford Lucile Packard Children's Hospital was held last night, and, based onthe immediate feedback received from the hospital's Children's EventCoordinator, was a success.

Our group began arriving at 5:45 to set up and get ready to entertain/play with/instructthe kids. Until about three hours before the event started, we still hadno idea how many kids would be there (if any). But, around 3:30yesterday, I got a call stating they expected approximately 15 kids to show. In the end, we counted 25, plus parents, health care workers & staff.

LPCH has a "playroom" set aside for these events called the"Forever Young Zone". At 6:15 some kids were already startingto poke their heads in the door, wanting to know if the event was starting yet. Vanessa Lopez, the Children's Event Coordinator, said that was a verygood sign. By 6:30 (the time the event started), a lot of kids and theirparents were lined up waiting to come in.

Kids, their parents and health care workers started coming through the door. Severalwere hooked up to IVs that they had to pull along side of them. Some were inwagons lined with blankets and pillows, with tubes sticking out of their arms,or in one case, their nose. Some walked along on their own, glad to besomewhere other than their room. Siblings of the patients were includedas well, much more rambunctious than the patients, creating a high energy buzzin the room. You could tell they were familiar with the place, many ofthem knew exactly where favorite toys were kept or went immediately to coloringbooks on the table. Glenda sat down and began playing with colored ricewith one girl; Bob, Pete & Monica were walking around, saying hi to thekids, trying to make them comfortable with these new strangers in their midst.

At 6:40, Rich came back carrying 12 pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen, half of which weredonated by CPK for the event. Pizza is, of course, food that almost everychild loves and soon most were eating while they played, the adults having afew slices themselves, in between watching their kids and waiting for the"show" to begin.

Pete Anderson then began what was probably the most fun anyone has ever had notcatching something, or rather, catching something some of the time,
but not most of the time. The kids were enthralled by his jugglingclinic, and the enthusiasm and optimism in the room was evident. Vanessa(the event coordinator) by this point was visibly excited about how well thekids were responding. Pete has a natural flair for being in front ofgroups of kids (and adults), and the entire room was laughing and "gettinginto it" as he led them through the introductory steps of catchingjuggling scarves (they float so your reflexes don't have to be as fast),starting with just one and throwing it into the air, then two, then three,teaching them patterns of juggling (such as "Criss-Cross Applesauce). For 20 minutes or more, the visibility in the room was limited by dozensof colorful scarves being thrown in the air, which were then either snatchedback or would fall gently to the floor. By the time he moved on tojuggling balls some kids were really getting the hang of it, doing far betterthan some coordination-deficient adults. Soon red, yellow and green ballswere also flying in the air, most of these ending up on the floor rather thanin small hands, but it didn't stop the enthusiasm of the kids as they scooped themback up and sent them skyward again.

Around 7:30, Bob McFarlane herded most of the smaller children out into the hallwaywhere he led them in several games that had them laughing and giggling. The first one he set up two lines of kids and had them race each other byrolling soft nerf balls on the floor through their legs to each other. Then they would pass it to each other by keeping their feet in place andturning only their body, then by using only one hand, then by bouncing, thenpassing two balls around in a circle, trying to catch the second ball up to thefirst. I lost count of the different games he led, but the grins on thefaces never ebbed. It was great for us to have something to offer thesmaller kids as well as the older kids. Glenda and Rich were playing alongwith them as well. Monica had "adopted" a small girl, for whom Vanessasaid needed extra attention, and was acting as her own personal playmate.

One of the last kids to arrive (around 7:45) was a young boy who had not lefthis bed for 15 days, and had not eaten anything for the last five. He had heardthe "fun" coming from the event in his room, and decided he wanted tocome join it. He was brought out by his family, still in his bed and watchedthe games being played in the hall. Pete took several scarves and wentover and gave him and his family (including a young brother) a personal jugglinglesson. Before he had to leave to return to his room, someone gave him apiece of pizza and he began to eat it.

One mother, after she brought in her child and sat down, was heard to say quietlyto herself "This is great".

At 8:00 PM we had to wrap it up, despite the fact that children were still playingBob's games in the hallway. We cleaned up the room, packed our gear andheaded home.

It was truly a great experience for all of us. To those who couldn't be therein person, I know you were praying for us. There's no way thiscame togetheras well as it did without God's hand being involved.

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Beautiful Day Blood Drive

This year we decided to open another night to donateblood.  The past few years we have brought in around 100 units ofblood.  This year we have 160 donors come in and we gave a total of 140 usableunits.  Offering the other night gave people the option to donate onWednesday, and serve in a project on Saturday.  We were suprized at theturn out, and are grateful for the opportunity to save lives.


This was my first time donating blood.  It wasn’tas bad as I thought it would be, and I’m not foolish enough to think thatI don’t need to sit down and have a snack (or 4) and let my body re-coopa bit.  No passing out for me.  I actually asked them to take bloodfrom my left arm so I could micro blog with my iphone in my right hand.  ThankGod for Posterous and Twitter.


Here’s what someone wrote to me after I blogged aboutdonating blood… As the recipient of not one, but two blood transfusions inmy lifetime thank you.”


It’s not every day that you get to save a life!



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Friday, November 21, 2008

Beautiful Day serves the EMT's in Santa Clara County

Often overlooked, the EMT community is a group of more than one hundred men and women who work around the clock to come to the aid of those in need. We went and thanked them and their administrative staff, by bringing them baskets sticked with food and treats like giftcards, Red Bull, energy bars, etc.

We also provided a BBQ for the 6 menchanics who work on the ambulances 24 hrs a day.

This week people from Beautiful Day went out and blessed these EMT's. Here's some comments they sent back...

Thank you very much for everything you did this week. It has been
incredible to watch as crews get in their ambulance this morning. I had one of
the medics come in to ask me to say thank you to the church as he stated he has
never received anything like this before (it looked as though he was ready to
cry and he has been a paramedic for about 7 years). I have seen a lot of smiles this morning and a lot of looks of bewilderment from people trying to understand why someone would just do this. You have truly helped to bless the EMT's and
Paramedics of Santa Clara County AMR.

On behalf of the Paramedics and EMT's "Thank you"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emerging Models and Culture Shaping

by Jon Talbert

The rising tide of an emerging cultural shift has caught many in the faith community off guard and has laid to waste the forms of evangelicalism that proved successful to previous generations. Popular culture with its postmodern mindset no longer sees church playing a significant role in the social order, and for many, church has become completely irrelevant. “Many church leaders” one writer notes, “are losing touch with our emerging culture, and the result is the drastic dropout rate of younger people in their churches, as well as the lack of people from emerging generations coming in.” (Kimball/They Like Jesus not the Church p14)

Emerging culture has its presuppositions about meaning and purpose, as well as truth and faith that have been formed by various channels of culture and the collective voices of society. Francis Shaffer writes that, “An individual is not just the product of the forces around him. He has a mind, and inner world. Then having thought, a person can bring forth actions into the external world and thus influence it.” (Shaffer/ How should we then live pg 19)While many in the church argue the validity of a global paradigm shift, others, especially the business sector, have embraced it out of necessity. Businesses like Google, eBay, and Apple have not only benefitted financially from emerging culture on the marketplace, but, in fact have actually played a significant role in shaping some of the sectors of this culture shift. In his best seller The World is Flat, Thomas Freidman qualifies a cultural shift as “Flattening” He puts it this way,
I am convinced that the flattening of the world, if it continues, will be seen in time as one of those fundamental shifts or inflection points, like Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, the rise of the nation-state, or the Industrial Revolution – each of which, in its day… produced changes in the role of individuals, the role and form of governments, the ways business was done and wars were fought, the role of women, the forms religion and art took, and the way science and research were conducted, not to mention the political labels that we as a civilization have assigned to ourselves and to our enemies.” (Freidman/The World is Flat pg 48)

It is in this very shift that fresh expressions of spirituality have emerged and organic communities of faith are sprouting across a landscape that still bears the shadows of empty churches that once thrived in another era. New language and forms of faith gatherings have adapted to cultural needs, and many leaders have returned to ancient ideas and rituals that are rooted deep in the life and mission of Jesus and the early church. Along with these new forms of church comes the idea of culture shaping. Creating, shaping, and redeeming culture as followers of Jesus who function and excel within the channels of culture.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

There is magic in excellence, simplicity, & consistency

I'm standing in line at In & Out and wondering what's going on. There are so many people in this resturant there has to be a fire hazard. In & Out has the best burgers... I guess if that us all you make, then you better make a dang good burger. Anyway, while the store fills up I shall wait for my number to be called. I'm 54, and they just called number 26.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I exercised extreme caution while eating at this fine establishment. No sudden movements...

I saw this on my trip to Nashville. I carefully ate and kept my eye on the busboy... he had shifty eyes.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm the feature comic with headliner Mark Lundholm Dec 6 in Campbell CA

Join us for a night of hilarious comedy right before the holidays. Saturday Dec 6th at 8pm with national headliner Mark Lundholm also featuring local comic Jon Talbert.

Tickets are $25, purchase online at

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

has a large dog that always seems to have Chikita Banana stickers in her head

What is wrong with this dog? She always seems to have banana stickers between her eyes! She is my Chickita Dog

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