Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No MRI yet... it was way too painful.

I could not do it!!

I could not lay in the MRI bed, and have my head screwed into a cage and my arms and legs strapped down. It was far too painful. The doctor tried to coax me in, but I could not handle the pain while lying flat... so they must dope me up big time.... then I can lay in this fine tube.... and have this thing done to me.

This picture is the closest representation of how things went down on Monday for me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

MRI on Monday... This should be fun

Well this ought to be fun!!!

In a few hours I get to experience the joy of laying in an MRI tube for 45 minutes. For the past few months I've experienced back/neck/and shoulder pain that makes my hand go numb... so the Dr. said "MRI son!"....

I'm happy that we can isloate the problem... just not so thrilled about laying in a tube about the circumference of a basketball hoop. I hope these tubes don't echo as to amplify the sounds of grown men crying. Everyone at the Dr's office asked me if I'm clostraphobia... if I am, will I get a wider tube? Or will they just dope me up... either way that seems like a good option. "Um Dr... I'm feeling a wee bit caved in.... can I have some drugs, and an apple martini?"

Maybe I should take my ipod... make myself an MRI playlist.

I have this issue that when im not supposed to move... things start to itch. It's funny to, how things itch... first your nose itches... then it drives you crazy, then your leg itches (no way I'm reaching that in a tube)... then the leg tches so much that you forget about your nose, and think about only your leg... until your knee itches... and this goes on for about... well 45 minutes.

When I return... I shall tell you all of my MRI journeys.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Compassion Unleashed

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