Monday, July 2, 2012

Heading to Zimbabwe

Last year I was asked to join the board of a compassion relief organization called Hands of Hope.  Hands of Hope was formed as a response to the overwhelming issue of children who were orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.  Millions of people have been affected by the virus... leaving children at risk and most vulnerable.  UNICEF estimates that one-fifth (1.6 million) of all children in Zimbabwe are orphans because of HIV/AIDS.  Zimbabwe also has deep political and economic issues that complicate matters in this country.  

This is why we got involved.  Our hope is to make a difference by joining a leading organization that is changing the course for kids who need our help.

On Tuesday, Cheri and I will be heading out to Zim to spend time at a few of the homes, participate in the feeding programs, help teach and tutor in the bridging school... and encourage leaders in country who are on the front lines every day.   This will be Cheri's first trip and we are looking forward to doing this together.

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